Late to the party

Or are blogs still considered a party?

This song pretty much sums it up:

“Call me black, call me white, call me anything tonight.
Just don’t call me late for the party.”- Steelheart (Shockingly, this band formed after 1990. They sound pretty much like Steel Dragon, the ficticious band of the classic “Rock Star,” starring Mark Wahlberg and Jennifer Aniston. Wahlberg, you remember, goes from being in a Steel Dragon cover band to being the ACTUAL FRONT MAN OF THE BAND. These are the kind of posts you can expect from me, for better or worse.)

Even so, I figured I’d give it my first true shot since, what, Xanga? Sure I’ve blogged for the Texan and written about a kajillion things in between my foray into teen-angst blogging, but this will be a bit different.

I’ve decided to start this not as a personal-diary type thing. It’s more of an outlet for me to comment on the thing supposedly have a bit of expertise in. You know, like sports and music and other random stuff. Expect a lot of Longhorns, Rangers and Neil Young ramblings.

I’m launching this during Spring Break so I can play with it before the schedule starts getting hectic again and I inevitably ditch it all together.

Until then, let’s have some fun.

I’ll  get to work on my take of the NCAA tourney and Texas’ chances of getting to the second round where it can lose to Kentucky. Then, you’ll read about it. Maybe it will make you laugh or scratch your chin and think, “That was interesting.”

Every thing here is a work in progress. Have any recommendations/gripes/comments, let me know. Don’t prefer to look at a banner of a dog taking a piss on some aluminum siding? Well, let’s talk about it.

To blogging when it’s no longer cool,



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4 responses to “Late to the party

  1. Hi, this is a comment.
    To delete a comment, just log in, and view the posts’ comments, there you will have the option to edit or delete them.

  2. Hell. Yes. Glad to see you’re finally joining the blog world. I can only hope you stick with it longer than my godawfully short forays into Rob ‘n Roll. Hopefully the posts will be better than RnR too.

    God speed, Mr. Hurtik. I look forward to enjoying this journey with you.

  3. CT

    Ah, the world of the blogosphere. I had a couple of forays with it. Neither lasted too long, and neither were very good, either. And I thoroughly enjoyed “Rockstar.” Funny thing about that movie, though: That’s actually how Journey found their new lead singer, I believe. Saw a video of him on YouTube as the lead singer of a tribute band (don’t insult them by calling them “cover” bands). Don’t know if that experiment ended the same way. You know, all John Mayer style, except for more than just a song.

    • bhurtik

      Funny thing about Journey dude. I believe that he’s Thai and had to go on tour with them doing their cruise-ship circuit (because that’s the kind of venues Journey does nowadays) and did interviews saying how homesick and miserable he was, basically calling himself a prisoner of Journey. Maybe being in a tribute band is better?

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