Texas’ perpetual disappoinment

I may have bitten off a bit more than I could chew by saying I’d preview each region in the NCAA tourney. That plan just isn’t going to jive with my spring break plans. There simply isn’t enough time. So I’ll save you a lot of time, and just give the obligatory Texas post, considering I’m the Daily Texan sports editor and all.

Texas, the eighth seed in the East region, faces Wake Forest. Every one is talking about how this is a game of extremely underachieving squads who have all the potential in the world and just need to know how to harness it. On the Texas front, Rick Barnes and co. have been repeating phrases like “it’s a new season” over and over again, forgetting that they said the same thing at the end of each month since January.

All that aside, the Longhorns will win this game. And I don’t like making predictions. I’m not a soothsayer like my old compadre David R. Henry. I don’t see the need. But this game has a Texas win written all over it simply because no one expects this team to do anything anymore. When they were ranked No. 1, fans were talking of a Final Four run. Now, expectations are at an all-time low. Losing to Baylor–no matter how talented the Bears are–three times in a season will do that to you.

But the Horns will win and create just enough buzz to get people thinking that an upset of No. 1 Kentucky in the second round could happen. “Maybe Avery Bradley really is better than John Wall? Maybe Dexter Pittman isn’t the biggest disappointment in all of college basketball? Hey, at least the guy lost weight. Good for him.”

They’ll get crushed by Kentucky. And people will be OK with that, because, no matter how much hype surrounded the team this year, Texas is a perennial second-round team. That’s acceptable around the Forty Acres. I ran into one of the writers for a Texas sports Web site at the gym today, and he said they weren’t even sending anyone to New Orleans for the tournament because their readers just don’t care. That’s the sentiment of most fans.

Wow, this was rambling and largely incoherent. I’m just ready to stop writing about Texas basketball. I’ve got Baylor in my Final Four and am just waiting for the Wildcats to put the Horns out of their mercy.

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