The New World Order in college football

Getting all jazzed up about the impending demise of the Big 12 and the formation of the Pac-16/1,000?

I kind of am. I can’t lie; it’s exciting to see all of these reports coming out and watching true college football history play out over Twitter, the blogosphere and, most entertainingly, my friends’ Facebook statuses.

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But most of all, I’m still a little confused. I spent an hour or so late last night digesting the whole thing, reading about Colorado’s angle, then Baylor’s angle then Nebraska’s angle, and thought I had a good grip on it all: the Huskers were gone, the Buffs were heading west and those poor Bears would be left to sing that ol’ Baylor line as members of Conference USA or something.

But wait! This morning, a former colleague of mine at the Star-Telegram (and a huge BU fan. Think not? He named his kid after Robert Griffin III) posted a Facebook status about a Rivals radio report that the Bears are edging out Colorado for the Pac-10 invite. Ann Richards must be pulling some serious strings up in heaven…

Think Ann Richards has a Harley in heaven?

But wait! Not two seconds later, I was linked to this puppy, in which the Daily Camera reports that the Colorado deal is already complete and that Baylor’s efforts failed. It also was the first thing that I read that mentioned that these changes wouldn’t take place until TWO years down the road. I was wondering this yesterday and was amazed that everyone just assumed the Big 12 (and its scheduling) would just dissolve over night. It’s going to be an awkward couple of years in a lame-duck conference.

And all of this isn’t even counting the reports that Texas A&M is being courted by the SEC. Or that Texas and A&M’s meeting of the minds today also included Texas Tech and Baylor. Or not. Or that the small Texas schools are thinking of forming a Lone Star Conference.

Sometimes the 24/7 news cycle creates more BS than actual news (well, that’s actually ALL the time). But this saga is rivaling Balloon Boy in terms of sheer can’t-pry-my-eyes-from-the-screen drama.

My take? Well I’m no Chip Brown and I have no Deep Throat-esque source from within the secure walls of Belmont Hall, but I do, like everyone else, have some sort of an opinion.

I think these are pretty obvious to most people: the Big 12 is toast, Colorado is going to the Pac-10, Baylor is not and Texas will force the rest of the Big 12 South big boys to head west, too.

UPDATE: As I was posting this, Colorado officially announced it was joining the Pac-10.

Is this good for college football? Depends on how you look at it. The bean counters at the schools joining the super conference have to be overjoyed. The TV deal in the new Pac-10 will blow any TV revenues the Big 12 could muster out of the water. If your a fan who enjoys regional rivalries, maybe not so much. As a Texas Ex, you can’t be too upset with the move, considering there will still be OU and A&M (even Tech) to feud with. But for Baylor and the rest of the spurned Big 12, you have to feel for them. The fact of the matter is, though, that BU is completely relying on Texas to leverage them into the Pac-10 because Waco and a half-empty Floyd Casey Stadium won’t get it done. Plus, Colorado, in theory, brings the Denver TV market to the Pac-10. Can’t compete with that.

Still, as someone who inherently doesn’t think with his wallet, I’m a little saddened by all of this. Not necessarily because I don’t like Texas changing conferences–I think it will create some intriguing match ups–but because it spells the end of regional conferences. The Big 12 was even a stretch to be considered “regional.” Now, Colorado’s nearest opponent will be 800 miles away. Sucks for the women’s basketball team.

I’m also saddened for the guys left out in the cold. Where’s Kansas and it’s basketball program going to go? Baylor and K-State to the Mountain West?

Whatever the case, this whole situation has shown just how important college football is to our lives. For better or worse, I use people’s Facebook statuses as a barometer for when a news story is truly BIG, and this is the biggest one since maybe Obama getting elected. So many people that I didn’t even think knew what a football looked like are adding their two cents.

And I’ve only seen a handful of statuses about the oil spill.

USA, land of sport. Land of super conferences.

Enjoy the ride.

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One response to “The New World Order in college football

  1. Bro, seriously, fuck Baylor. They had no business in the Big XII to begin with. They are a small, backwards private school that has never been able to compete in the only collegiate sport that matters.

    I appreciated the Pac-10 taking the lead, saying “we won’t be bullied by this small Texas school,” and signing Colorado. Fuck Baylor.

    And fuck Kansas and K-State. They’ll probably join the Big East and the relatively irrelevant sport (I’m a die hard fan of hoops, but I’m talking money) will find its Graceland in an elite basketball conference. They’ll be fine.

    Even if they fall to the Mountain West, they’ll be fine. Memphis competed for a national title from Conference USA. The NCAA makes 90% of its revenue from March Madness, the tournament we know and love won’t be touched for a while.

    The only emotion to feel is relief that the miserable, failing Big XII and its incompetent management is done. We’re don’t owe anybody shit. And yet…we’re being romantics and sticking with the other regional, flagship public schools. We’re Texas…and we have a huge heart/sympathetic ear for our fans.

    More importantly, this is branding. This is our degree’s value skyrocketing over the next 5-10 years. Jesus, I mean an Austin blogger and radio guy LED SPORTSCENTER yesterday.

    Embrace the future or perish.

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