All-Time Obscure Rangers: First Base

That's one large feline...I wonder how it relates to Blake's obscure first baseman pick...

Now that all that Le-Drama is over, it’s time to get back to business here at the Locker. A couple of days ago I named the All-Time Obscure catcher, and today we’ll delve into first base.

This one may be the skimpiest list we’ll run in to. The Rangers have had a long history of solid first basemen (Rafael Palmeiro, Will Clark, Mark Teixeira, Chris Davis…wait, one of those doesn’t fit…). Aside from the past couple of years, Ranger fans have been spoiled at the position.

And without further ado…

El Gato was always one of the good guys. Too bad I'm allergic to cats.

1B- Andres Galarraga
Career stats at Texas (2001):
G 72, AB 243, H 57, HR 10, RBI 34, AVG .235,OBP .310

Who? Get the big cat picture now? You know, Galarraga’s nickname was “The Big Cat.” Get it? Clever, I know. For a guy known so much for his large size, it’s easy to forget that he ever put on an XL Rangers jersey. He didn’t fare particularly well at the Ballpark, either. Looking back, I really don’t know why the Rangers wanted a 40-year-old first baseman when they already had Palmeiro starting and Ruben Sierra (he almost makes this list for his short, oft-forgotten second stint with the team) as the primary DH. Still, you’ve gotta respect El Gran Gato. He became the first big star the expansion Rockies ever had. He overcame cancer during his playing career…TWICE. Here’s a good read from the SI Vault about why he’ll always be remembered as one of MLB’s good guys.

Forget steroids, grey hair needs to make a comeback in baseball.

Plus, I’ve always liked guys who play long enough that their hair turns grey.

Where is he now? Traded away midseason to the Giants for Chris Magruder and Erasmo Ramirez, a couple of dudes who never panned out.

Again, my highly in-depth research tools have come up empty, other than a Spanish YouTube video of the Big Cat being interviewed after a round of golf. Seems like he’s enjoying a proper retirement. He played his last game in the majors in 2004 with the Angels. He attempted one last come back in 2005 with the Mets, after beating cancer again, largely because he was one dinger shy of 400 home runs. In 2007, he became the first Rockie to ever be inducted into the Colorado Sports Hall of Fame.

Also considered:

Playing for the Rangers for only four months 10 years ago makes it impossible to find a photo of you in a Rangers jersey, asshole.

David Segui
Career stats at Texas (2000):
G 93, AB 351, H 118, HR 11, RBI 57, AVG .336,OBP .391

Who? The Rangers have a long history of ‘roiders, whether admitted or not (after all, 16 one-time Rangers were named in the Mitchell Report). Most of my childhood idols have been linked to steroids. So it’s only fitting that the All-Time Obscure team have a ‘roider or two, and who better than a guy who actually admitted using? Segui was an odd duck. The Rangers acquired him in three-team deal that included all first basemen in March of 2000 (Rangers sent Lee Stevens to the Expos, Expos sent Brad Fullmer to the Blue Jays, the Jays sent Segui to Texas). Segui then went on a four-month tear before the Rangers dealt him to Cleveland for Ricky Ledee. Must’ve caught him at the peak of one of his steroid cycles.

Where is he now? Good thing the Rangers sold high on him (although Ledee was nothing special), because his career fizzled out by 2004 due to injuries. He was named in the Mitchell Report, admitted to using ‘roids (although he did have a medical prescription for HGH). Today he apparently still uses HGH, and I’ve gotta say, I like his straightforwardness about drugs in baseball.

Told you it was slim pickin’s. Next up: Second Base.

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  1. John

    Forget second base – give me a call when you and I can round third and head for home plate 😉

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