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The ESPN/LeBron Problem

LeBron and ESPN, a vomit-inducing match made in heaven.

I get it. Even as an admittedly passive observer of the NBA for the past four years (the ’06 finals and the Mavs’ first-round exit in ’07 killed my love for the league), I get it. LeBron James is a big freaking deal. Biggest free agent maybe ever. And I get that ESPN loves telling me about it ad nauseum. Almost as much as the network enjoyed stalking Brett Favre.

But they don’t need to. Sports fans don’t need an hour-long special tomorrow night to get amped up about where he’s going. After all, ESPN has spent every last minute since the NBA season ended stoking the hype fire on, well, every conceivable platform: SportsCenter, PTI and Around the Horn not enough for you? Luckily you’ve got ESPN News for that. Oh, don’t forget about and Twitter. And ESPN: The Magazine.

And they present all of this speculation and, for lack of the better word, bull shit as news, with the sole intent of keeping you, the die-hard sports fan informed and on the cutting edge. But people need to understand that ESPN stopped becoming a news organization a long time ago. Sure, they still break news and report on all the happenings around the sports world, but dollar signs and the entertainment side of its operation has become way more important.

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All-Time Obscure Rangers: Catcher

It’s been about a week since my last post. Blame it on a trip to Austin, Sporcle and vacation planning. Also blame it on my desire not to force a post just for the sake of posting. Sure, there’s plenty going on in the sports world–NBA free agency, World Cup, the approaching All-Star game, and so on. But I really don’t have anything groundbreaking to say on those topics at the moment.

And that’s how we find ourselves at this juncture. What do I fall back on when current events just aren’t doing it for me? The 1990s Rangers, of course.

Bengie Molina moves up to No. 2 on my "Favorite Bengie/ji's to play for the Rangers" behind the immortal Benji Gil.

I’ve always been a sucker for transactions, particularly in baseball. I love it when players change teams, if only to see how they look in a different uniform. When the Rangers acquired catcher/sloth Bengie Molina last week, I was eager to catch a game just to see what he looked like in the red and blue.

Call me weird, call me whatever, but these kind of things lead to a list like this. Over the next few days I’ll be unveiling my list of all-time favorite obscure Rangers that will make you think “Oh yeah! I completely forgot about Ben Broussard!”

Today, we start with catcher:

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