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A New Year, a New Hurt-ik Locker

Taking a simpler approach to the Hurt-ik Locker. Don’t want to sit and watch it rot. I had one heck of a Holiday break. It was great to see Amanda and John for extended periods of time and to catch up with Joel and Stephen, the oldest buds I have.

We did some Riffter reminiscing, and it was fun to go back and listen to our old tracks, talk about how much cooler we’d be now as 16-year-old musicians and admit that we’re getting old. It’s not often that I feel compelled to share memories of our scrappy-yet-crappy garage band.

So I’ll leave you with the dramatic evolution of your favorite Richland High School rock ‘n’ roll band.


Victorious at our Battle of the Bands debut at the Door Fort Worth.


Album cover the never released masterpiece: "Mongolian Oligarchy"

2007: The College Years/Permanent Hiatus

2010: Grown men/wondering what could have been

I must say, quite the dapper group of gentlemen.

And I know you’re dying to actually hear what our crappy band sounded like. So go here to our ancient purevolume and enjoy a bunch of 16-year-olds living their dreams and trying to be Led Zeppelin.

We're already planning on playing Richland's 10-year reunion.

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