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Travel prep enters overdrive

I plan on smuggling a small Colombian child into the U.S. in that 75-liter pack. (Photo credit: Mama Hurtik with Blake's recently purchased camera, the first of his life.)

Things are happening, my friends.

Amanda and I leave for Colombia in a mere eight days, and I’m doing my best not to freak out. It helps when you have a seemingly endless amount of things to plan for: reserving hostels/hotels, figuring out what all we have to buy, pacifying an eternally worried mother, combating scary diseases and the like. So we’re entering crunch time here and I’m learning a few things.

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“Colombia?! Why in the hell Colombia?”

This photo came from "," no lie.

I’ve been getting this question a lot lately. In case you didn’t know, from Aug. 11-27, Amanda and I will be traveling to and around Colombia for a vacation/graduation trip (gotta squeeze all we can out of that achievement before joining the real world, y’know?).

So naturally I’ve been spending a lot of my time explaining to well-meaning, concerned friends, relatives and the like. But I’ll be the first to tell you that I can get my thoughts across in writing much better than with my voice. Hence this blog post explaining why the hell we’d decide to go to a country known by most Americans for cocaine, cocaine-related murders and as “that country where Johnny Depp buys all that cocaine in ‘Blow.'”

Yes. That’s where I’m going. But it’s not 1988 anymore.

So to all my concerned friends/relatives/whomever, here’s why you should be more than excited for our trip while, naturally, still keeping a healthy dose of concern for our well-being:

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Good to see Rolling Stone can still get a general fired

I don’t mean that slightly provocative title as saying that I’m glad Obama fired our main guy in Afghanistan or anything, more so that it’s good to see that the power of the press is still very much there.

If you haven’t read Michael Hastings article about Gen. Stanley McChrystal and the war in Afghanistan yet, do it. Now.

Gen. Stanley McChrystal

The President did. And, like any boss who happens upon a note that trashes him written by his employees, he promptly fired McChrystal last week.

This has created all sorts of hubbub, especially in concern to media ethics. Some unnamed official claims that he broke some ‘unspoken’ ground rules and quoted stuff he shouldn’t have. Lara Logan, who covers the military, railed against him for breaking those same rules on CNN.

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Saturday Vid- Reversing the Jinx

Here’s the second installment in my sometimes-regular Saturday feature. Since I jinxed the Rangers’ win streak yesterday, hopefully this will make up for it. If you haven’t seen this yet and consider yourself a Ranger fan, you might need to rethink your devotion. It will also make you look back fondly on Ron Washington’s cocaine mishap:

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I’ve been Iced

This weekend my family hosted one last graduation party for all those people who love and adore me back home. It was a great time. Great food (Shiner-soaked brisket and BBQ chicken plus a dozen other delights), great drinks and about 60 family and friends gathered to wish me luck/share their sadness for my current unemployment. Alas, such is the curse of being a graduate in 2010, as a Jehovah’s Witness made painfully clear to me this morning.

But one thing sticks out from all the good timey-ness: We got Iced.

How I (and my collegiate roommate John) managed to get through four years at UT without running into this hilarious and completely Bro-ish practice, I’ll never know. Don’t feel bad if you have no idea what I’m talking about. I’ll spread the gospel of Ice after the jump.

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The Return of the Locker

First off, I don’t feel too badly about not keeping my maiden voyage into the blogosphere alive. After all, I started it during spring break when I was bored. Shorty after, I got caught up with school, the Texan and, you know, ENJOYING my final few months of college.

Tower Explosion!

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