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Band to know: Delta Spirit

Tonight Amanda and I will be venturing to the bustling metropolis of Dallas (yes, it is a bit of a drive from the Fort Worth ‘burbs) to see a rock and roll show. It will be my first show at a club to see in Dallas (excluding Neil Young and Radiohead at SuperPages a while back) since probably Wolfmother at the Gypsy Ballroom back in like ’07. Needless to say, I pretty stoked.

The band is Delta Spirit. If you like good music, you will like them. Their lead singer reminds me of a young Springsteen with that whole working-class-no-bullshit swagger, and their music matches.  I share this because you should go too if you’re free on this Thursday night. It’s at The Loft, which is above the Palladium, and from what I head it’s an intimate little joint. When the Yelp reviews are negative because of lack of space and not being able to see over the person in front of you, I think to my favorite places in Austin (Parish, Antone’s) and get excited. Tickets are $14. They have two openers who I’ve never heard of and I don’t believe in researching openers beforehand so as not to spoil the fun. See you there.

Here’s a taste of Delta Spirit, who just dropped their second album last month. Here’s my favorite track off of that. I’ve seen them a couple of times and they put on a helluva show.

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