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En vísperas del viaje

Fly Mexicana: The fun is not knowing if your return flight exists!

T-minus 9:40 until we depart DFW for Mexico City and then Colombia and I’ve got a lot racing through my mind.

I think I’m done packing but I’ll never feel like that’s completely done. Did I pack to much? Am I forgetting anything? Will there be enough room for the cocaine?? (joking…) But seriously, that little backpack seen in the previous post has swelled to more than twice that size like a tick full of all things travel related. And yet I still wonder, will I be OK with less pairs of underwear than there are nights of our trip?

Hopefully I won’t smell too bad.

We’ve got 90 percent of our hostels/hotels booked but still feel like things are pretty up in the air. I’ll call it my fear of things being lost in translation. Getting responses like this don’t make you feel all that confident that things are actually set up: “I confirm that I have taken are booking.” And that’s the one reservation I actually did in Spanish. Well, at least I know that they are using Google Translate, too.

And then there’s the matter of our airline declaring bankruptcy and suspending the majority of its international flights indefinitely the week of our trip. They canceled half of their normal flights to Bogotá, but ours are still operating…as of now. But I think as long as we get there, we’re good. We can always find a way home, and Mexicana assured us that if our return flight gets canceled, they’ll arrange for us to take another airline.

Other than all of that nervousness/uncertainty, I’m pretty dang excited. So excited, that I’ll share with you our complete itinerary so that–if you care enough–you can play the “Where are Amanda and Blake in Colombia today?” game. Try it! All the cool kids are doing it.

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