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List Time: Must-see concert films

This is why I can't eat spaghetti.

It’s the day after the All-Star Game, the deadest day in the world of sports. I’m pretty sure ESPN is looping reruns of lawn dart championships from the ’80s. I mean, those pretty anchors have to have some time off, right?

What this means for the media/blogosphere is a day completely full of fluff. ESPN.com’s lead story is about preparing for the second half of fantasy baseball and the biggest “news” is that Alex Gonzalez has been traded to the Braves. These are lean times.

And the saying is, when in Rome, do as the Romans do. I just finished watching the “Rust Never Sleeps” film version and was inspired to share my favorite concert films of all time. This list is by no means comprehensive as the breadth of my knowledge is admittedly lacking, and most of these are regarded as classics anyway…BUT if they’re new to at least one person, I’d chalk this one up in the win column.

On to business…

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