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Saturday vid

This may or may not become a Locker tradition, but I learned from my good friend Robert Rich’s forays into blogging: never make promises.

Still, this could be fun. I was going to kick it off with a US/England-related video to get you even more jazzed, but I don’t think you crazy Americans need any more help (maybe just more Sam Adams). But you can take something away from this beauty of a clip. Carry this kind of passion (and bat-throwing ability) with you in whatever you may do. Make sure you at least through the four-minute mark.

As The Big Lead said, I would like to have a beer with this man. (Or maybe that wouldn’t be such a good idea. Apparently Backman was arrested for DUI a few years back). If the MLB wants to improve ratings, get Wally Backman up there ASAP and get him mic’d up. Actually, I think it should be a requirement to have every MLB manager mic’d up. Fascinating people.

Again, U-S-A! Do what Wally Backman would do!

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